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Why is Onam Celebrated ?

Onam Festival - Kerala's harvest festival is a time for competitions, festivals, and religious celebrations. According to folklore, Kerala was formerly ruled by King Mahabali, a brave, kind, and generous king who had legitimately conquered the kingdom of heaven. But as usual, Indra and other gods rushed to Lord Vishnu for assistance, and he once more promised them the kingdom of Heaven. Knowing the king's generosity and altruistic character, he approached him as the Brahmin boy "Vaman" and requested three steps of land. Mahabali readily gave it to the kid.

However, Lord Vishnu continued to grow in size until he measured the entire Earth in one step and the whole of heaven in another. When he asked Mahabali where he should put his third foot, the humbled king offered him his head. Vishnu, moved by the kind's devotion and humility, made him King of the Nether World and granted him the request that he visit his kingdom every year for four days.

As part of the celebrations, Keralites hold colorful aquatic festivals on the sacred Pampa river to welcome their benevolent king. Onam, a harvest festival, is usually held at the end of August or the beginning of September. It is Kerala's largest festival. The 10-day festival includes rituals such as purchasing new clothing, delectable traditional cuisines, dancing, and music. The final day (September 08, 2022), known as Thiruonam, is the most important.

Trichur's elephant procession and Cheruthuruthy's Kathakali performances are two of the festival's most renowned events. One of the festival's highlights is Pulikali or Kaduvakali, a rhythmic dance performed by performers dressed as tigers in bright yellow, red, and black and moving to the beats of instruments such as 'udukku' and 'thakil.'

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