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Unveiling the Symbolism Behind Our Logo: Sweth

Explore yet another new blog of, the definitive source for genuine Kerala fashion garments! Today, we will explore the deep symbolism embedded in our logo to better understand our brand identity.

There is the word "Sweth" in Sanskrit at the top of our image. It stands for the peaceful colour white. In Kerala, especially when it comes to the Kerala Saree, white has a lot of culture and traditional meaning. The Kerala Saree is famous for being beautiful and pure. It is mostly made of white cotton fibre, which stands for simplicity and beauty.

The golden cloth, also known as kasavu, that is used to embellish Kerala sarees is reminiscent of the bright yellow lines that are used to decorate our logo. Not only does the bright hue of kasavu lend an air of opulence to the ensemble, but it also acts as a testament to the abundant cultural legacy that Kerala possesses. It is a representation of the essence of prosperity and grandeur that is deeply rooted within the fabric of Kerala's traditional clothing.

Nestled within the vibrant canvas of our logo is a striking red dot, symbolizing the mangalyam—a sacred emblem of marital bliss and familial prosperity. In Kerala tradition, the mangalyam holds profound significance, signifying the auspicious bond of marriage and the promise of a harmonious family life.

Our inaugural foray into the domain of e-commerce is represented by, which serves as the principal undertaking of Sweth—a brand conceived by Venus Women Private Limited. We are extremely proud to be a registered women-led startup venture dedicated to the global promotion of Kerala's exquisite fashion heritage.

Sharing Kerala's unique fashion sense with the rest of the world is our goal, which goes beyond geographical boundaries. We hope that each carefully made saree captures the spirit of Kerala's cultural wealth and honours the classic beauty of its traditional clothing.

Join us on this wonderful journey as we seek to convey the allure of Kerala fashion far and wide. Explore our magnificent selection at and be immersed in the timeless beauty of Kerala sarees, where each thread tells a story of history, elegance, and prosperity.

Stay tuned to our blog for more insights, updates, and stories from the vibrant world of Kerala fashion!

Warm regards,

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