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Our Story

Kerala Sarees is all about enabling rural artisans by bringing the authentic sarees from the handloom villages of Kerala to the world.

“We are building a growing community who love Indian culture, traditions, and fashion."

                                                                                                                   -Sweta Venugopalan (Co-Founder)                                      




We are a registered startup in India operating in the segment of "fashion and apparel". The e-commerce venture is mainly trading in the niche segment of Kerala Fashion apparel. Our startup is recognized by both the Government of India and the Kerala Startup Mission.

Organic cotton field


From our farms, to our manufacturing and packaging.

We ensure that during the entire supply chain, there is minimal impact to the environment. The materials we use for our fabric to the packaging are all complying to the UN sustainability Goals. 

Our Factories

We respect people as much as we respect the planet. 

We ensure that our weavers have all good working condition and a good work life balance.

Linen loom

Our Fabrics

Crafted from recycled and sustainably grown fibers.

The materials are carefully chosen to ensure that a world class product is created. The process of weaving is carefully monitored by our experienced weavers hence ensuring superior quality.

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