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What is unique about Kerala Handloom Saree ?

  1. Handloom production: Kerala sarees are weaved on antique looms, giving each one a distinct and valuable quality.

  2. Use of natural materials: Kerala sarees are breathable and easy to wear since they are produced from natural materials like cotton, silk, and gold thread.

  3. Gold border: Kerala sarees are known for its golden border, which is constructed of gold threads and gives the saree a touch of beauty.

  4. Traditional designs: Kerala sarees have traditional designs like elephants, parrots, and lotus blossoms to honour the state's rich cultural past.

  5. Color scheme: The sarees are available in a variety of hues that have been thoughtfully combined to enhance one another and set them apart from other sarees.

Overall, the combination of handloom weaving, natural fibers, gold border, traditional motifs, and color combination make Kerala sarees truly unique and special.


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