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Why is the cotton kasavu saree used so much in Kerala and why is it so thin?

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Indian traditional clothes, especially the Kasavu saree, are very popular. The Kasavu sari is usually made of cotton and has a golden border. People in Kerala like cotton Kasavu saree for a number of reasons:

Suitability of the Climate: Kerala has a tropical climate with hot and muggy weather. As a fabric, cotton lets air flow through it, which makes it easy to wear when it's hot and humid outside. Being light makes cotton even more comfortable, which makes it a good choice for daily wear.

Cultural Significance: The Kasavu saree has deep cultural roots in Kerala and is often worn at traditional events, holidays, and ceremonies. The region's cultural tastes and practices can be seen in the use of cotton, which emphasises simplicity, elegance, and comfort.

Traditional Aesthetics: The cotton Kasavu saree's thin and light fabric makes it flow beautifully, adding to its overall beauty. The saree's elegance and traditional charm come from the cloth, which lets it move easily.

Versatility: Cotton Kasavu sarees can be worn for many different events. They are casual enough to wear every day, but also dressy enough for parties and official events. The fabric is simple, so it can be used in a variety of places and ways.

Craftsmanship and making Tradition: The skill that goes into making cotton Kasavu drapes are a traditional art form that has been passed down from generation to generation. The weavers are proud of the complicated patterns and designs they make with the best cotton threads. Because the cloth is so thin, it can be woven with the accuracy needed for the intricate golden borders.

Traditional Identity: For Malayali women, the Kasavu saree is a sign of their traditional identity. It shows off Kerala's rich history and traditions, and the fact that it was made from cotton is in line with how textiles were made in the area in the past.

For the most part, people in Kerala choose cotton Kasavu saree because they look good and are culturally appropriate. The thinness of the cloth makes the saree look better, which is why women in Kerala love and wear them for many events.

Sweta Venugopalan

Co Founder

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