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Why is Kasavu saree mostly white?

The Kasavu saree is predominantly white because of its roots in traditional Indian textiles and symbolism. In Indian culture, white is often associated with purity and spirituality, making it an ideal choice for religious and cultural celebrations. The simple, unadorned white fabric of the Kasavu saree is a symbol of tradition and reverence for the past.

In addition to its symbolic significance, the white color of the Kasavu saree is also practical. The heat and humidity of the Kerala climate can make it difficult to wear heavy, elaborate clothing, and the lightweight white cotton used to make the saree is breathable and comfortable. The white color also reflects the sun's rays, helping to keep the wearer cool in the tropical climate.

Overall, the white color of the Kasavu saree is a reflection of both its cultural heritage and practicality. Despite its simplicity, it is a timeless and elegant garment that has been cherished by generations of women in Kerala for centuries.

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