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National Handloom Day (3/3)

After the two articles in the 3-part series wherein we explored the history of handloom industry in India and its epicenters in Kerala, in this blog series we will see some actual handloom process and activities in action.

On the occasion of #National Handloom day, we sincerely are thankful to all valuable customers and readers who have placed their faith in us. Your faith in handloom products and your desire to purchase handloom products have rejuvenated many handloom weavers and their families through our small endeavor. We look forward to your co-operation and ask you to take the pledge of #SavetheWeave and #Vocal4Handmade on this day to show support to our friends in the weaving community. Also as part of the upcoming celebrations we have also come up with some exciting competitions and prizes for all on our Instagram handle . Do not forget to check it out!

Without further ado, we shall have a look at one of the weaving families we visited during our interactions with the weaving community. This family of weavers have an interesting story about how they settled in Kerala. The royal family of Travancore who regularly used to procure their requirements of garments from (Tamil Nadu) requested the head of the family to settle in Kerala in the Thrissur region.

The family migrated to Kuthampully located in Thrissur district. Currently, Mr Ramesh is

the 8th or 9th generation of weavers who still follow the ancient tradition of weaving handloom garments like Kasavu sarees, Mundu etc. albeit not for the royal family but for the common public. The family were must obliged when we had asked them the permission to document the hand looming process.

You will be amazed at seeing the level of exquisiteness and patience needed in preparing the handloom weaven clothes. Without further ado, we shall look at Mr. Ramesh preparing a modified golden zari mundu along with his wife Kanakam.

Thanks for taking the time to view the efforts taken by our wonderful friends of the weaving community and for the support you have shown till now. The handloom weaving industry is the epitome of the Indian rural employment market and you can play your role in the development of the same by supporting the #Vocal4Handmade scheme rightly supported by our esteemed government.

We would be happy to hear from you! To engage, connect with us through our Instagram page( and do check out the handle for some surprises! Its ( Sweta ) signing off and hope to engage with all handloom enthusiasts in future posts. Till then save the pledge #SavetheWeave and #Vocal4Handmade.

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