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Mom @ 23

Getting married so early? You could have concentrated on your career first? How can you deal with a baby and job? Leave the job, baby is priority!

m sure Most of us have faced similar sort of questions from people around.

One of my friends after I had my first child told "22 is too early to get married, forget about becoming mom at 23"

This made me think for a while, is he right? Was it a good decision ?

Wait, it's my life. I choose it to be this way.

So heres what i have to say, there is no way others know what you really need. You can get married at 21 or even 30 or even later. You can have a baby at 23, 28 or even later doesn't matter, its you who decide.

You can get married, have baby (just figure it our with your partner and plan it the right way, may be you will find alternative of not quitting the job) and still concentrate on your career (you can figure out what you really want to do n just do it).

I am the mom at 23, n this never stopped me from fulfilling what i wanted to. Yes it took me time and loads of patience to cope with the fast changes in life. Not just me there are so many mothers out there who are much more successful than i am.

So leave all sorts of self doubts and live in the moment, only this is urs and only you can decide how it could be.

I hope you agree with me. Let me know in the comments below what your your take on this. Is there an age to become mother?

Does age really matter to be a mother? Will mother I don't think so. With proper guidance from family you can take care of the baby really well. You will learn it, as you learn to live all new in a different home or city.

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