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Kerala Piravi

Kerala piravi (birth of Kerala) or November 1 is the pride of Malayali. Kerala is known to be God's own land, which is a gift of nature with fields, hills, rivers, lakes, and seas. A land with a centuries-old cultural heritage. By recreating traditional rituals, celebrations, and costumes, the people of Kerala prepare for new changes.

On this auspicious day, Malayalee mankas are dressed in settu mund or settu saree, and men in dhotis.

"Kerala sarees" presents dresses in different colors, and new designs, in a way that suits our body language and skin, and shines in every personality with a sense of simplicity.

Even though the spread of imperialism and foreign immigration has brought about changes in the dress of Kerala, we still retain the Malayalee identity

Kerala piravi special combo has been presented below.

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