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Dasharath- Kausalya (The Perfect Couple Combo), your source for genuine Kerala sarees and traditional clothing! We are happy to showcase the ultimate couple combo: a beautiful Kerala Kasavu saree with black and golden polka dots for the female model and a dashing black kurta with sandal colour designs for the male model. With this stunning outfit, enjoy Kerala's rich cultural history!

This combo's star is the Kerala Kasavu saree with black and gold polka dots. Kerala's Kasavu saree is admired by ladies worldwide. It's the ideal mix of heritage and innovation with black and gold polka dots. The lightweight, soft fabric is perfect for any occasion. The Kasavu border gives the saree a royal look. The saree's black and gold polka patterns provide visual interest. This elegant saree will make you shine at a wedding, party, or formal occasion.

Model Styling

A black blouse with the saree creates a timeless appearance.

Golden jhumkas or a dainty necklace would enhance the saree without overwhelming it.

For a Kerala look, use a flower-adorned bun.

Add flair with golden heels or traditional mojris (embroidered flats).

Sandal-Motif Black Kurta:

The male model wears a black kurta with delicate sandal colour patterns. The dark colour conveys elegance and refinement, while the designs hint to Kerala's ancient art. High-quality fabric makes the kurta comfortable and stylish.

The female model's Kerala Kasavu saree with black and golden polka dots and the male model's elegant black kurta with sandal colour designs make a perfect pair. For couples who wish to create an impact, it combines Kerala's traditional dress with modern design features. Explore now to experience Kerala's charm and elegance!

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Manoj krishnan
Manoj krishnan
Jul 10, 2023
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